What’s CoRe?


Informing and empowering consumers, while giving producers and suppliers the tools to adapt. Our mission is to create a better and fairer world.


  • Creating awareness
  • Empowering consumers


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Democracy
  • Collective action
  • Neutrality

CoRe – Consumer Revolution – is much more than an app, it is  a citizens’ movement aiming at a more transparent and responsive market, centred on genuine consumer’ concerns and values. 

Due to the lack of transparency of production and distributions chains and the complexity of accessing and understanding information, we as consumers rely mostly on price and marketing to choose a product or a service.

Every time that we are making a purchase, we do not know what the impacts are, we cannot hold companies accountable. And when we don’t know what we are supporting, our everyday choices can have disastrous impacts: for the environment, our society, human rights, animal well-being, our health, etc.

CoRe wants to change that! CoRe’s objective is to inform consumers and re-empower them as agents of change. This assessment tool will provide simplified and customizable information to consumers on the social, environmental and health impact of the products they buy. 

CoRe combines the power of consumer voices with the persuasiveness of their wallets. Get the information you care about and tell manufacturers and retailers why – and how much – it matters!

CoRe is a social impact start-up. At CoRe, we reinvest the majority of our profits back into our social mission.

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